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Re: Relocating to the SE Region

Angie, I think the idea is to make them WANT to go to Alabama. You aren't
painting the prettiest of pictures, if you know what I mean?:-)
Lori B.

> From: Angela C. McGhee <>
> To:
> Cc:
> Subject: Re: Relocating to the SE Region
> Date: Wednesday, October 28, 1998 3:12 PM
> We will 
> >be living in the Florence area of northern Alabama. 
> Forget the horses, worry about'll live within 2 hrs.
> drive of ME!  :-))
> >advise available to ease the transistion for the horses from dry / 
> >arid to wet / humid.  Are there any secrets to getting the horses use to
> competeing in the humidity?
> I highly recommend that you go REALLY slow for the first few years and
> let the locals continue to finish in front of you.  Then, when you notice
> yourselves beginning to talk like US, you're ready to make your move. 
> However, by that time, I expect you to have discovered all the trails in
> the Florence area and started putting on a ride for us to enjoy in that
> area instead.
> My best advise is to ignore those people who claim that the humidity is
> at its highest early in the morning.  Do your training EARLY, then be
> inside in front of an airconditioner with a big glass of Diet Coke by 10
> AM in the summer.  Do not venture out the front door until after 6:30.  
> Your horse needs a shed...not stall...shed, so that if by any chance a
> breeze ever happens to come up, he'll get to enjoy it.  A fan is nice,
> because it gives the flies turbulence and if they're going to land on
> your horse and bite him, they should at least have to prove themselves
> worthy.
> Florence, AL...hmmm, ever heard of TORNADO ALLEY?  If you notice that all
> those houses seem to have concrete block bunkers out back...that ain't a
> root celler!  Another good reason for sheds instead of barns is that you
> can build them back faster...of course some of those sheds used to be
> barns.....
> Please come to the Longstreet's Charge ride (just outside Chattanooga). 
> That's my ride.  We'll give you and your horses first hand lessons in how
> to sweat buckets....but then, we Southern ladies don't sweat...we GLOW.
> Angie
> Angie McGhee & Kaboot
> Wildwood, GA
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