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Re: Probiotics--another view

Hi Karen!

> Never try anything new at a ride!  <sorry couldn't resist>
sorry, I wasn't clear.  I started them three days before, very light, for
trailering and all that.  One dose one day, then two times the next day,
and then race day, I gave one time pre-race, and one time at first vet
check.  that's as far as I got. 

2nd time I gave one time day before we left, 2 X the  day we went...early
am and pm feeding, and then 2x on day before, and then again, 2x on race
day.  I didn't really try it out at the ride itself.   
Again, I don't know if what I saw was in spite of the Probiotics or not.
I just know that's the only time I have seen this reaction in my mare.  So
far.  If it happens again, without the probi's, I will know huh?? hehe

> ha)  I have noticed that garbage gut Weaver gets better scores on gut
> sounds while on the probiotics than when he isn't, and believe me, he is
> ALWAYS eating.
Weagle eats good too, and she has not had trouble with gut sounds. The
other horse didn't seem to make a difference on gut or not when he was on

> eating or not, and whether or not he is on the probiotics.  I would not
> recommend that anybody use them to try and 'create' gut sounds in a horse
> that is not eating and would instead suggest they try working on finding
> ways to get the horse to eat better (i.e., riding slower for a few rides,
> trying different types of feeds, spending more time at the checks, etc.)   
Exactly!  I was using them as an aside, not that I had any trouble before.
Just all the  glowing reports about how great they were and I thought I
would help the ponies out a little with travelling and all.

> Lots of time at rides I see this scenario:  Rider and horse to to vet.  Vet
> gives horse an A on gut sounds.  Rider is happy, even though horse has gone
> say almost 50 miles and hasn't eaten more than two bites of food and is
> showing no interest in eating.  Another rider and horse go to vet.  Vet
> gives a B- or C on gut sounds, yet this horse has been eating and drinking
> well throughout the ride.  Which horse would you be worried about?  
Good point Karen and something worth considering.

thanks for the input.


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