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Probiotics--another view

>I used them one time and had a metabolic in the horse I was riding,
>nothing bad and  nothing that I could really put a finger on, but things
>were not quite right and I pulled.  My friend was riding my horse and we
>had given her the probiotic as well.  She didn't have a good day.


Never try anything new at a ride!  <sorry couldn't resist>

btw, my horses both get half a scoop daily of Optamax (United Vet Equine).
I also mix it in my electrolytes.  I don't dose a lot where electrolytes
are concerned (and if they are frozen, like last week, not at all  ha ha
ha)  I have noticed that garbage gut Weaver gets better scores on gut
sounds while on the probiotics than when he isn't, and believe me, he is
ALWAYS eating.  The other horse seems to get good gut sounds whether he is
eating or not, and whether or not he is on the probiotics.  I would not
recommend that anybody use them to try and 'create' gut sounds in a horse
that is not eating and would instead suggest they try working on finding
ways to get the horse to eat better (i.e., riding slower for a few rides,
trying different types of feeds, spending more time at the checks, etc.)   

Lots of time at rides I see this scenario:  Rider and horse to to vet.  Vet
gives horse an A on gut sounds.  Rider is happy, even though horse has gone
say almost 50 miles and hasn't eaten more than two bites of food and is
showing no interest in eating.  Another rider and horse go to vet.  Vet
gives a B- or C on gut sounds, yet this horse has been eating and drinking
well throughout the ride.  Which horse would you be worried about?  

Happy Trails,

in Gardnerville
& Dream Weaver, on vacation :))
& ride, Hat Trick (November 13, 14, 15)

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