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Probiotics--another view

I bought some Pro-biotics.....I thought I would use them and read a lot
about how others used them and the directions on the bottle. These are
good quality name brand Probiotics and one highly  recommended by many on
this list.  

I used them one time and had a metabolic in the horse I was riding,
nothing bad and  nothing that I could really put a finger on, but things
were not quite right and I pulled.  My friend was riding my horse and we
had given her the probiotic as well.  She didn't have a good day.  She was
sluggish all day, granted she's young but she has never acted like this
before or since...coincidence???

read on:

The next time I used them, the horse my friend was riding, cramped and
was pulled.   Nothing major, it was gone an hour later and had no residual
effects.  No lameness or anything, bloodwork was fine.  
The horse I was riding also cramped up, hind end. We walked him out of it
and he was ok to go on.  Then later on, near the finish line, another
major cramp.  Again, walked out of it.  I didn't use the probiotics again.
Don't think I will.  

I don't want to blame the probiotics for this.  But it was funny that the
only pull the one horse has had and a near pull the first time was when
using the probi's. I've since ridden her a lot harder and farther and I
weigh 100 lbs more and she's had no trouble.  
The horse I was riding at the time had trouble both times too.  Granted,
it could have just happened, but having two horses, at two rides at the
same time have similar problems, just  makes me wonder. Heidi may have a
good point, if the horses have no trouble in the gut in the  first place
and  you go adn "fix" it, are you really fixing it??

I'm just pondering. NOt  blaming the probiotics and  not telling anyone
not to use them.  Just relaying something  that happened to me and
wondering if anyone at all has had a negative impact while using them?

Samm C. Bartee-#9432
B Jets War Eagle--Ara-App
SE Region

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