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sweat spots

Goodmorining, all.

I just completed my third ride o this horse,  my 7th ride in all, and my
first ride solo.

It was great.  I made one stupid mistake, talking to a spotter and
missing a turn (TOTALLY MY FAULT!) and added 7 miles to an already
challenging loop...loop 3 at Casper's Park Challenge.    My horse was
tired and we had ten to go....

We went the ten,  I walked quite a bit of it and came in with good
"grades."   A SLOOOOW bt completed 50.

About 45 minutes after putting my mare up I saw sweat marks in two on each side of her bellyand then also along the long
muscles of her hindquarters.   

I contacted the ride vet who suggested that she was uncomfortable from
the work and administered benamine.   Her heart rate, normally around 35
was hanging around 50.  He didn't feel she was in dangerous area but if
her heart rate had been more elevated or if she was too uncomfortable to
eat and move around she might go into colic.

Question:   what experiences have others had with this phenomenae?  Is
it likely to continue or will more cnditioning cause it to stop?   Is it
a warng about other issues?  My mare was "fine " the next morning.
Heart rate normal,   tired but sound... good attitude.   TIA,  jan freed

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