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Natural remedies for both the horse and rider

Hi again,
Yep am on a roll this morning *S* Instead of bute use "Devils claw "this is a natural anti inflammetry and it does work.I use and if I have a horse,filly with a problem I use this on them.Would not compete on them until they are recovered from whatever injury they might have.My stallion cut his hind leg on a fence,and am using this Devils Claw on him,it really works,he now has no swelling and there is no heat on his leg.By the end of the month he will be able to be ridden lightly again.
For a rider with back problems (like I have ),I make a herbal tea with copmfrey,Stinging nettles,apple cider vinigar,and some mint for flavour,this helps to knit ones bones and is great for arthritis and osteporosis.(can give this to the horses as well)
One teaspoon of each ingrediant mentioned.I mix this with a local herbal tea called Rooibos Tea(any herbal tea will do.
It tastes vile but its a aquired taste,seems to improve with time :-).Cut your sugar intake as well if you have back or any bone probles and prefable cut the caffeine(mm I do have a major problem with this one but am getting there)
I also massage a herbal mixture onto my back twice a day,this soothes and also works for me,no more expensive specialists for me anymore!!!!!
The lady who gave me all  this advice had been ion a severe car accident lost the use of her left arm,she now is using her left arm perfectly well and is a well known herbalist here in South Africa,she has also written a couple of books unfortunately all in Afrikaans.
She healed herself with herbs,the docs had no hope for her at all.Amazing these herbal remedies.
As for me I am back on track,riding and preparing my horses for next years endurance season (three of them at that)This after being told I will never ride again so I am as pleased as punch with myself and am now a great believer of herbal remedies.
Anyone who wants to know more about these herbal remedies can mail  me privately.
Thats all for now
kathy "full of the joys of being able to ride again"

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