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Re The Drug Debate and Riders Responsibility,

Just my 2 cents worth.My horses compete on ability alone,I would never give them anything to enhance there performance at all!!!
On a 100 Miler I will give them electrolytes(Lew Hollanders MiX)either in there food or with a syringe into there mouths,but this rule could lead to all manner of unscupilous peple ussing the syringes for illegal substances.I prefer to put the electolytes into the food,even though using a syringe is definately more effectife and easier.
We dont drug test here in South Africa but am sure that we will be doing this some time in the future.It is a expensive procedure.
I have seen people do dreadfull things to there horses on rides,have seen horses passed at vet checks that cant even walk the following day,
At our Hofmeyer 100 Miler this year.One of the horses who had ,had problems throughout the year for going to fast to soon,damaged his tendon rather badly so much so that it will never be ridden again in its life.I cried when I saw the pain this horse was in the Sunday morning after the ride,it could not put weight onto its leg for over 6 weeks.
Its the riders responsibilty as well to pull his horse if there is anything wrong with it.I know I would.
After all ones horse is ones best frined and companion,they deserve to be looked after and treated with respect,after all what would we do without them,ride a bicycle*S*
Ok enough from me before I really get started.
Bye for now
kathy "totally anti the use of drugs on horses and people"

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