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This sport has been going on for decades.  The old timers never had so
much trouble with drugs,drugs,drugs, because they didn't use them.

Now that is all everybody can talk about.

Did you ever hear the phrase that the one that complains the loudest is
most often the one doing it!

Maybe we should stop thinking about the drugging of the horses and stop
trying to run horses that have recent injuries and get back to the horse
being thought of first.

Lots of us do distance riding with horses that are wormed regularly and
have regular shots and have lots of fun doing a sport that used to be

But all this talk about how close can I race the horse because they had
to have a drug is cutting things to close to the mark.

Maybe we should just get back to the fun of it and stop worrying about
the loss of points and mileage and who is going to be top mile or point

Then this might get back to a pleasurable horse riding experience.

It is getting to the point where we have to leave them wormy and totally
unprotected against disease.
That's when I say, to Hell with it and just do my distance riding all by

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