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Re: The great drug debate

There seems to be a fear that the attempt to clarify the drug rule is an
attempt to legalize a wide range in substances. That is certainly not my
agenda, and I am sure I am not alone. But the list of approved substances
should include:

Probably dewormers
Probably vaccines
Specified topical agents
Probably all inorganic minerals
Perhaps some chelated (organic) minerals
Probably probiotics
Probably vitamins in excess of normal consumption (e.g., biotin)
Probably most but perhaps not all amino acids in excess of normal

In addition, some guidance on clearance times of commonly used substances -
bute is probably not a major problem here(given normal rehab time), but
other drugs (antibiotics, topicals that might be absorbed) may be.

The real can of worms is going to be things like GAGs. If they are to be
useful to the endurance rider, they need to still have an effect during the
race - otherwise, what is the point. We aren't talking about something that
is designed to cure (heal) permanently, but rather something that is
designed to be used on a semi-permanent basis (perhaps as a prophylactic,
perhaps as amelioritive - depending on the horse or the point of view of the
user). If the pharmalogical effect is still operative at the time of the
race, are they still legal? I don't have any final opinion on this type of
drug, but it should be faced head on and not sluffed off with generalities.

Duncan Fletcher

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