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Re: Help! Horse with fractured elbow

Pat oh -so sorry
Well there was the discussion of using COMFERY  herb in a soak warp form

Get the ROOTS and the Plant from a good health food store.
MAke a water extract- boil a few oz of a mix 50-50 in a few cups of
water 2 to 4 cups for 4 oz of herb
Slow boil then let set.. like tea.
When cool- add some witch hazel  to presreve the tea and offer the
healing properities of witch hazel-- can add some ARNICA tinture also.

soak some diapers or what ever and try to wrap the elbow and tape in
place. I would put this on 2x per day and keep it on all day.. can even
re-soak the wrap while on the horse.

Then get some SYMPHYTUM  homeopathic comfrey, follow directions --
my book says 1 dose per day for 7 days  but the book  offers the

 says to give ARINCA 30c or higher like 200c or 1m for the next day
   5 dose per day

followed by LEDUM 30c  1 dose for 4 days
then follow up with the SYM  as above

disclaimer  i only read this in a book  - you should contact a holistic
vet to obtain formal advise.
however IF it were MY horse -- I would do as above.

Roger R

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