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Bring the kids

My first little girl was a week old and she went to her first ride.Made them part of it all and it worked for me,now I have a 6 year old and a seven year old that beg to go to rides.After all there friends are there as well.I do stress at the thought of what they might be up to but they are generally a rather disciplined and well behaved bunch of kids.At rides I just dont even see the kids except meal times :-).
I will say thopugh I dont really ;ike taking the kids with on 100 milers,50 milers are still Ok but I feel sorry for the kids when they have to stay in the vechile following Mommy for usually most of the night and most of the day.
Anyway kids are our future endurance riders soo make them part of it all,
Just my 2 centd worth

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