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New Trail Adventures/Calif Horsemen Bk

Picked up a copy of Doni Hubbard's 1985 book "New Trail Adventures for
California Horsemen" and was pleased to see so much reference and photos
of endurance/competitive trail riding people/horses. Examples are:
Julie/Bob Suhr (pics)
endurance riders at Castle Rock Challenge Ride(pics)
sections of trail reviewed by Julie Suhr
endurance riders on Big Basin trails(pics)
Nancy Kasovich (pics and section on horse trail trng)
Carol Saunders/Wizzard (pic)
Jon/Carol Saunders/ Castle Rock Challenge Endurance Ride (pic)
Ray Sherman/Rushcrek Alta (pic)
Maxine Stahl/Seaquest/1980 American River Endurance Ride
and more...

Nice book, if you see a used copy around pick it up.

    Check it Out!    

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