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Sports Saddle

Hello Everyone,

I have been following the Sports Saddle threads with great interest
because for the last few months I have been **really** wanting to try
one.  I have come very close to ordering a demo to try out, but
haven't yet.  My main concern is in the long run after lots of hours
in the saddle (something one can't experience on a demo saddle).  I
have heard that unless one is a "lighter weight" person, they could
risk some back/spinal soreness on their horses.  I weigh app. 140 and
wonder if I would be too heavy for this sort of saddle.  I would
really appreciate some input on this from any of you who have a SS
and are my weight or heavier.  Some have mentioned that their
husbands ride these saddles.  How do they and their horses fare with
them???  Also, are there blankets designed that help alleviate
pressure from the spine??  Any advice would be appreciated greatly.

Linda Hedgpeth

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