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Re: bring (some of) the kids!

I'll bet I know which ride this was, Angie!  Was this a ride in the South
with a Big Fork in the river????  If so, these little terrors visited my
campsite, as well!  At one point, they stopped by to torment us and one,
just as boldly as you please, grabbed hold of my electric fence as if daring
it to shock him!  It didn't... found out later that we had the on/off buttom
in between notches (it was a new fence charger).  Lucky little bugger.  The
rest of the weekend we joked that we didn't need an electronic fence tester,
just the pack of little darlings to stop by and test it.

I wonder, if we were camped near one another... perhaps even next door?
They kept us up the better part of pre-ride night.  I also had my little
Sheltie cabled to my Featherlite whom I heard from my "neighbors" that these
kids found amusing to torment.  However, I also had a Rottweiler.... LOL....
guess she perferred to stay UNDER the trailer!  Smart dog... then again,
she's still a pup (80 lbs worth), though she loves kids (to play with, not
to consume;)!

Susan Swope
AERC SE Region
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Date: Monday, October 26, 1998 4:50 PM
Subject: bring (some of) the kids!

>>At the risk of sounding like the Wicked Witch of the West, we had a bad
>experience with the kids
>You're not alone.  Went to a ride recently where 3 or 4 little approx. 6
>yr. old terrors just marched around the camp reeking havoc.  Remember
>Arlis from Old Yeller?  Well, there were 3 or 4 of them...together!
>Twice I caught them swinging on my picket line when I returned.  Asked
>them not to nicely the first time, the second time I went into my school
>teacher voice and tried to intimidate them.  They left and GOT INSIDE
>someone else's trailer and were just having a grand old time.  Then heard
>their mom BARGAINING with them..."now boys, lets see if we can find
>something else for you to do, now come out please".  GRRRR!
>Next they went to a large trailer that had a Sheltie tied outside.  We
>hadn't heard the dog bark the entire weekend.  I heard it go berserk, and
>they were over there at the end of the rope just outside its reach
>teasing it.  At this time I quietly informed them that I, PERSONALLY am
>the person their parents and teacher had warned them about who steals
>children and they are never found again...probably murdered in a hideous
>manner...and that if I saw them again their pictures would be on milk
>cartons, and their teachers would use them as a warning to other
>The Sheltie barked the rest of the day non-stop.  I explained what had
>happened to the owners when they returned, and informed them to borrow a
>Rottweiller if at all possible to surprise them with next time.
>I later heard several other people who had literally had to RUN THESE
>KIDS out of their trailers!  Did I mention that they woke me up during my
>after-ride nap running circles around my pop-up tent and climbing over
>the hitch?  This was not a case of "ride kids" who don't behave.  This
>was simply a case of parents who did not discipline, as evidenced by the
>bargaining tactics of the mom. Since I'm not the confrontational type,
>and don't want to try and discuss it with the parents...I just told my
>children to beat them up if they come near our trailer again.
>I take my daughters to 2 or 3 rides a year.  They have a wonderful time.
>I feel like it's a much safer atmosphere than just going camping at a
>campground.  They have made friends and are slowly learning to help out
>around camp.  One has worked as an arrival timer, after things slow down
>some, and the other has been a P&R recorder.  The "young teen" group
>feels really cool walking around camp after dark...something they never
>get to do anywhere else.
> Josie went to her first ride at age 13 days (I was ride manager)...and
>we did the "breastfeeding at the vet-check" thing when she was 6 months,
>but Bill was in full charge of the girls.  I would never in a million
>years trust them to a stranger...even now at 8 and 12 yrs.
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