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Re: Drug testing vs legal

Yes Duncan.. we did this about 6 months ago..comes in cycles.

Stuff like DMG cant be tested.. but we are NOT to use it ina race.
Also the range of homepathic products are NOT legal.. and not testable.

The common thread is -IF the product is ABSORED in the blood AND it can
have a performance enhancing effect.. its not legal.

Its an ethic thing..does the use of something cause a shift in the
balance of the playing field?

Like the use of CALENDULA on a cut is not legal.. but you can use Destin
-zinc oxide

That is one reason I ask about ProBurst.. is it a FEED supplement?
and managed as electrolytes..

Sure there are many things we can do that would never show up  in the
blood-urine test.. still not right.

Roger R

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