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Re: Sports saddle - sore knees

Cynthia Eyler wrote:
> I have a Sports Saddle, with the stirrups set back an inch and a half
> [and] with the reiner (high) front and a three inch cantle...
> Now I'm considering replacing my saddle with another SS, but with the
> standard pommel and two-inch cantle, because I feel like the setup I have
> now is getting in my way.

We have both saddles - the training model, with the high reiner front
and the high cantle; and also the normal endurance model, with the
lower pommel and lower cantle. I know the stirrups are set back on
my endurance model (don't know how far the "standard set back" is
though - Karen Chaton?). I also think I have the youth cut version,
but am not completely sure (Karen, again?)(pathetic, isn't is, when
I have to keep asking her about a saddle she sold me a year ago?).

When I started training regularly, I started riding in Patrick's
training model to give me more security when I was feeling wimpy 
and tired. 

To begin with, I had sore knees for a while, and then they just got 
stronger and stopped hurting the more I trained. 

I'm using Patrick's EZ ride stirrups, which really helped, 
because you can kind of plant your weight.

I can't comment on how much leg freedom you have with this set
up - I know I can't bonk Provo on the shoulder for pawing in the
creek without taking my foot out of the stirrup - don't know if
that's from short legs (am 5'2"), or from the standard SS stirrup
"leathers" that I'm continuing to use. (I intend (one day, say if
I ever actually have my own horse to ride, instead of borrowing
Patrick's :) to buy some biothane ones, and imagine that gives
you a little less bulk and more "moving about" for your legs).

I need to start riding in my saddle (the endurance model) again
(when Mouse is fit to ride, so we actually have a need for more 
than one saddle), but really, really like riding in Patrick's
training model. It's SOOOOO secure feeling and keeps me in place 
and I don't worry about toppling off (definitely what I need for
Mouse <g>). 

The training model also seems to feel a little narrower in the 
twist. I'm sure it isn't - it's probably more likely to be the 
fact that we bought it used, so it was "run in" and "person
shaped". Once I ride in my endurance model for a while, it too
should narrow in... I hope...

So now I wonder, after all these months riding in the training
model, will I want to go back to the endurance model? Or will
I feel all sticky-outy and like I'm going to topple off all
the time? We'll see. I'll ride in it again for a few months
before deciding, but who knows, maybe I'll put it up for sale/
exchange for a training model one (esp. with the prospect of
riding Mouse looming)?

Lucy Chaplin Trumbull -
Repotted english person in Sacramento, CA

with Mouse and Provo

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