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Re: Two Wild Cards

In a message dated 98-10-26 14:47:15 EST, writes:

<< You are right, things could happen that eliminate part of the "Chosen 
 Team" but that would not eliminate the two Individuals that could make 
 up the team. They would still be there, ready, willing and able. >>

I am not sure I follow your logic here.  First of all, the "team" consists of
four, not two, people.  Secondly, if things happen to horses immediately prior
to race day making them unable to compete, how can those people still be
"ready, willing, and able"?  Or are you referring to substituting with those
folks who would otherwise be RIDING as individuals?  Was not clear on that
point, the way you phrased the above.  At any rate, why should there be ANY
pressure to select a particular 4 of these 6 prior to the Golden Hour
following vetting in in which the Chef d'Equipe must "declare" the team?  What
about the horse that might be marginal, but still able to go, but was somehow
"pre-selected" to the team?  How do you (as the Chef or the team vet) explain
to that rider that no, you are not on the team anymore?  If that choice is
still being made after vet-in by the Chef and the team vet, why muddy the
waters with some sort of pre-selection when there is no basis for doing so?
ALL of the people on our squad are quite capable (as they stand now) of being
part of a successful team, as are several of our alternates.  Better to see
who gets there in one piece and which horses appear to be the most up to form
just prior to race day, and the only people with ANY sort of handle on that
are the people who are actually there--the Chef, the vet, and the riders
themselves.  Part of the teamwork is being honest about your horse, too, and
telling the chef and the vet if you have any concerns or problems during the
days before the race, and I expect all of our squad members will contribute to
the team effort with that sort of forthrightness to aid the chef and vet in
making that difficult final choice.  If you can't come to Dubai, I would
suggest that you come to the Pan-American next year in Canada, and observe
this process first-hand.  It is truly fascinating; sometimes the team becomes
quite self-evident after the trip and the vet-in, and sometimes it does not.


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