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trailer "opinons" wanted

>>Horses riding in the slant load have more problems with the right front
shoulder and left hip.  Because of the way they have to brace

That is my only complaint about the slant load.  So I will stay with the
straight load.>>

That's a very interesting point and one I have wondered about. This summer
I trailered my horse in a friend's slant load for a 5.5 hr haul to a ride
(my own trailer is a straight haul). She put him in facing the rear on an
angle and her horse was in the 2nd stall facing toward the front on an
angle. The next morning my horse's right front fetlock was quite swollen -
He did stay sound on that leg though and the swelling went down once we
started riding. The only thing I could attribute the swollen fetlock to was
his travelling rear facing on a slant which put pressure on that right
front leg as he braced himself.  The leg didn't give him any trouble before
or since that. He had some muscle tightness in the left hind which
corresponds to what Rebecca says above.

However, my friend's horse travels forward facing on an angle in that
trailer all the time and doesn't have any problems at all, so I'd be
interested in hearing from others that use slant loads. I've never heard
anyone else complaining of this in slant loads, and most people seem to be
using them these days.

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