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feed survey

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From: rider 

Can everyone zap me a quick answer? I'm going to compile them then post the stats. I won't identify names of respondents, just numbers of who feeds what. 
Q: How much of what type of feeds do you give per day to your endurance horse? How many miles a week does he work on the average?

Example 1: Twice a day, I feed my 1100lb horse 4lbs of Purina Pure Pride 200 and 10 lbs of grassy alfalfa(a daily total of 8lbs grain and twentylbs hay). My horse gets about 30 miles a weeks of mildly hilly work at an average of about 6 mph.

Example 2: Each day I feed my 1500lb horse one big coffee can of oats-and-corn and six flakes of alfalfa. My horse gets 40 miles a week on generally flat terrain. 

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