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Electrolytes and dehydrated horses

Hi Folks,
I have a question from a friend of mine regarding electrolytes.  She has a 6 yo grey Comet/Alladin mare that seems to colic every year with the onset of winter.  This is the classic sand colic but the thing that sets it off I guess is that she decreases her drinking when it gets colder.  She becomes dehydrated along with the colic.  My friend also has an older gelding that is a small Appaloosa that is just the best gelding that seem to be dehydrated all the time.  I don't know what his exact age is but I'm guessing around 17-19 years old.  My question is:  is it ok to give electrolytes in this situation (either situation) and how long can you keep them on electrolytes?  I have set my friend in motion with the colic and told her that I would not be "up all night" walking her arab as I have done in the past if she failed to feed psyllium.  She now has her on psyllium but wanted to purchase the Dynamite electrolytes (I have had very good results with these) and use them all winter to keep the horses hydrated.  Any comments or advice is welcomed.  Thanks.  You can email me privately if you wish to keep it separate from the endurance posts.
Oh, I am also looking for a nice gentle trail horse for a vet friend of mine (just out of vet school, not a lot of money) that thinks she would like to try endurance riding.  I don't know what her riding expertise is but just looking around now.  She is looking in the western area of AZ bordering Nevada and California.  You can also email me privately on that too.
Janet Baca

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