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Re: F250 460 not strong enough/Truck suggestions

Hi April,

The one suggestion I will make, if you live in or plan to drive in mountainous
areas is to get a standard transmission instead of an automatic.  They seem to
have much more power and you can down shift to get more.  Just my opinion.  God
luck on your search for the perfect truck.

Corky Young
Byrds Valley Ranch, on the Tevis trail wrote:

> Hi all you horse haulers------------have an 85 F250 4wd AT with an 8' s/c
> camper and 3 horse stock trailer------am only able to do about 40 up the
> passes at 6 mpg-am looking to trade the truck in for another used truck-
> probably have to get a smelly, noisy diesel but wanted to ask the
> professionals first as to what they like
> Would like to be able to do 50 up the passes at hopefully 15mpg [dreamin huh?]
> anyway please email me privately so as not to clutter up the list
> april
> thanks

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