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Re: Adoption or Sale

Bryan & Laura & Mark wrote:
> I did not see the original post regarding this topic, but I am the
> executive director and cruelty investigator for a local humane
> society.  Since Jan. 1998, we have arrested three horse abusers, all
> starving their horses.  The three cases involved 18 different horses.
>  So far, one conviction, two to go, but one of the sets of those two
> were turned over by the court already - needless to say, I have been
> placing lots of horses lately.  We charge $400 and have a contract to
> keep the horse one year.  I adopted two smaller ones to 4-H kids for
> $200 each.  If you have been fostering the horse for the whole case
> and have not charged the shelter for care, we sign the horse over for
> free - just ask that you keep it a year.
> I think anything more would be excessive.  We lose money on this, but
> the point is to save them and get good long term homes.
> Settle down now- I know what you're thinking, but I don't think any
> would be endurance horses (mostly TBs and QHs)!!!!!
> Laura Hayes NE - AERC #2741 (an OLDIE!!!)
Send me more info on these horses.Julie

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