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RE: Horse Adoption

Hi All,
Thanks for your overwhelming response to my message about these horses.
Horse Power is a small non profit organization dedicated to a rescue and
adoption program.  They are located in Freedom, CA (central CA near
Watsonville)  They are currenty working with a sanctuary in S.
California to take young horses and place them in the adoption program.
Because of money, winter and space  some horses currently in the
adoption program here will have to be returned to the sanctuary.  They
are NOT in danger, but  they will go back to the sanctuary.  Adoption
fees range from $850-$2000 and that money  is used to pay their
They prefer to place horses only in CA as they want to monitor their
living circumstances.  There are only 2 people in the office so please
be patient.  I will try to e mail privately to answer questions. Again
thank you for your offers of help. Joanne


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