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Horse Adoption

This message is really aimed at riders in
California but I wanted to let folks know there are several nice Horse
Power horses that need a good home.   We adopted a very pretty bay mare
her sire is a well known show horse. Her brother Duke is ready to go
also and needs a home. Others on the waiting list include a black arab
gelding named Diamond(5yrs.),
a half arab/halfperuvian mare,a grey 3yr.old quarter/arab filly.  All
the horses are going down the trail and  healthy. The horses are only
available for another few weeks  if they don't find a home soon they
will lose their chance for private placement.  I will be happy to answer
any question for you if you will e-mail me directly. Horse Power is
located near Santa Cruz,CA.
I think they  have17 horses right now.
              Joanne & Barbary Rose


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