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Re: Mystery illness is tying up....

It depends on what the concentration is per pound of the of the Se and
vitamin E.  If you can find that out, I can calculate it for you.

Susan G

Mike & Karen wrote:
> He looked at her feed and supplement and she is very short
> > on Se and E.
> >
> This got me thinking about my mare's Se and Vit E levels so I called my
> feed company (Nutrena-Farr Legacy) and they said the feed has 6lbs per
> ton of Selenium and 8 pounds per ton of Vitamin E.  Okay... now how do I
> figure out if my horse is getting enough?  What is enough?  If I
> supplement will I be overdoing it?  Thanks for any input.
> Karen Gehringer
> Ormond Beach, Fl

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