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Ortho flex for sale

Hi ridecampers!  I am a former endurance rider hoping to get back into it soon and finish up 4000 miles.  I have a traditional ortho flex for sale - #272 - so it has been around, but is in great shape.  $700 firm.  I can arrange a tryout.

Also, I have a four year old mare, 1/2 arab (probly purebred, though), who is out of my great endurance mare Freckles, who was rescued from a killer buyer and won many 50s and 100s in the late 80s.  The filly was raised outside, broke to ride just this spring, and is healthy, sound, sane and has tons of personality.  She is about 14.2.

Call Laura Hayes (716)569-2007  Western New York - near PA and Ohio.

    Check it Out!    

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