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Re: re :penacillin and flora

> After a week his mother milk was getting less and less so I weaned him to
> the bottle and he also started eating and I added fresh horse manure to his
> milk to help get his rumen going . I have often seen foals eating their
> mother manure.

Horses don't have a rumen, but I assume you meant the gut flora in the
cecum.  Yes, foals will nibble at mom's poop, and while you are
supplying some gut flora that way, you're also potentially providing
parasites and other nasty things.  There are a number of probiotic
powders that would probably be a better choice.

I've seen some very good results in orphan foals with Foal-Lac pellets,
you might give them a try.

Good luck with your foal.

Susan G

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