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Re: Managing tie-ups

We did some research at Cal Poly on DMG's effect on lactate
clearance---we couldn't maintain a sound sample population (translation,
our old horses kept going lame) so we couldn't publish an abstract that
proved anything, but in a few horses we did see improved recovery
(faster lactate clearance) when we dosed at 4 mg per kg of body weight,
which is about 1600 mgs for a 900 pound horse.  No improvements at
dosages lower than that.  Just a tidbit to throw into the pot.

Since the DMG molecule is small and quickly metabolized, our feeling was
that there isn't any residual effect---you won't get improvement
tomorrow by taking it today---so your best results will probably come
from taking it and hour or so before your workout, and then every few
hours throughout the workout.  No risks of overdose to worry about.

Susan G

VMAXEPT Roger Rittenhouse wrote:
> the use of DMG during a ride is not allowed.. I assume you dont.
> but since it wont test  dont admit to anything.
> i really think dmg will help very much with the latatic cleanup process.
> my research on the stuff has indicated it does work. plus my own personl
> use on me-- has proven  results, less burn in the legs and better
> breathing.
> i have used it in some training rides and it does help.. does what the
> mfgr claims as you indicated.
> many atheletes use it all the time.
> it only remains in the system for a few hours then it is
> metabolized..used up  in the Krebs cycle.. look it up in Equus or some
> articles from TB- where this process is explained.
> I think it works about the same as pro-burst  which so far is legal
> Roger R

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