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Re: AERC Intl

Carlos F. Crespo wrote:
> Hi Carl:
> >
> <<I don't know if this got posted,however there has to be some update
> thinking on the FEI BOARD AS well as the WEG selection committee. It
> seems that we have people on the Board that are not race oriented as
> evidence by selection of mountain horses to race against desert
> trained
> horses.>>

Carlos said;
> Well said Carl. This is the stupidest selection I can think of.
> Supposedly
> they wanted horses with history of success in hot, humid sandy terrain
> and
> they end-up selecting mountain horses. I am totally fed-up with the
> attitude and
> the secret society attitude of AERC Intl. I have been pushed by so
> many people
> to run for the ETZ representative position that today I put in the
> nomination
> for it. It going to leave less time for riding, but I have just had
> enough of
> this nonsense.
> Regards,
> Carlos
Congradulations Carlos, you have my blessings. Please feel free to ask
me to help in any position.

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