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RE: Sponging/final stats

"I did a double take when I saw this return address, thought it was
"lcorry".  Obviously this is a family trait...ALL Corrys are blatant

	Not intentionally -- he's Irish, so the blarney is in the blood.
	know that!!

"By the way I was NOT born and bred in Georgia as she stated just to
irritate me."

	Ooooooooooohhhh!  That sounds like a slam against all those fine
	from the peach-pit state!!!  You're gonna get it for this one, Ang.

	Whattaya say, Georgia RideCampers?  Does she sound politically 
	correct TO YEW???

"Tennessee is my home state...and I only recently moved about 4 miles over
the border."

	Is it harder to run moonshine now, since you need to cross the State


"I am of Scottish & Irish Descent, Lynda is of German & Polish. "

	So?  Your ancestors were little leprechauns.  My ancestors were 
	named "Brumhilde" and could easily squash yours. 

"I'm Southern Baptist ... Lynda thinks God might have been an alien from
another solar system."

	Well, you know what they say ... it takes one to know one.

"...I ride an Ortho-Flex."

	Is that a saddle, or the brand name for a prophylactic device?

"Lynda lives in flat sandy Houston.  I live in the rugged, rocky Appalachian

	Hey!  We have some pretty good gullies!  ...And we have a road north

	of the city called "West Mt. Houston!"

"Lynda sings, I grumble. She's tall, I'm short, She's irritating, I'm not."

	??? Right now you're like a little mosquito... let me get my can of 

"I met Bill at the Baptist Student Union."

	That's not what you told me.  You told me it was an entirely
	organization called "The B.S. Union."

"Lynda lives in a "flat" in downtown Houston, which is a renovated warehouse
with lots of yuppy artists.  I live in a cedar house on a gravel road and
had to chase a coyote off from my chickens this week.  I wish I could feed
the coyote a yuppy artist."

	Angie, that's mean.  You know most of them are starving.  You've 
	seen their work.

"She boards her horse, I have mine in front of the house."

	What can I say?  It's not MY fault...  Jay, are you listening to

"She works out at a gym every morning, then walks to her high rise office
building. I put up my own hay, carry kids on my hip, stack firewood, etc. to
stay in shape."

	You're just a regular Little Mama.

"We both usually ride right side up, but I've been known to sit on a

	Angie.  That's why the Ride Managers provide Port-A-Johns!

"Hope this helps."

	It did!  Yes!  :))

Lynda Corry (a.k.a. "Wonder Woman")

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