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To Lori's question of how  much and how often to give Pro-Burst. Terry
has been giving his mare 1 tube about 1 hour before the ride starts and
then he gives her one full tube as soon as he gets to a vet check and
we usually have 2 vet checks on a 50 so he gives 2 tubes during the
ride. Someone told us they also gave it after the ride, but we have
never tried this. It has definetly helped this mare and I'm not a
gimmic person so I wouldn't say this unless it had helped. I feel the
simpler the better, but I have seen a difference. 
Lori the directions say "We recommend you administer the product 
approximately 45 minutes (anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes) before the 
workout or event, which allows the product to circulate for about 20
minutes before starting. In longer lasting events, optimally you want
to re-elevate the PRO-BURST about every two hours." This is about what
Terry is doing with his mare and it is working. We have a friend and
her horse tied up two weeks ago and she is going to the Paso Del Norte
ride to do the 50 miler and she will use the PRO-BURST on the horse
to help prevent the lactic acid build up and hopefully keep him from
tying up again.
To Jennifer,
PRO-BURST  is a Branched Chain Amino Acid Formulation that helps 
reduce muscle lactic acid concentrations, helps reduce working heart
rate, improves recovery, and helps provide tie-up control measurements. 
You can get it from:   EasyCare, Inc. 
                       1600 E. Hanley Blvd., Suite 136
                       Oro Valley, AZ  85737 
or call (520)297-9600 e-mail 

No, Terry does not use it on his conditioning rides he has only been 
using it at the rides. Hope this helps.

Gail Kinter

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