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RE: Sponging Clinic

	Thank you, Becky.  This is truly an honor and I assure you I will do
my utmost for the Great State which has adopted me.

	Actually, I'm half German -- thus the "pit-bull-like" tenacity.  As
one of the lurkers out there informed me (and you know who you are...), I
NEVER give up (don't bother quoting any James Bond movie titles either,
Ang).  However, I must admit that Angie will be tough competition in the
Sponge Slingin Champeenships...  Although I was done raised in Backwoods,
Alabama since I was jes' a lil' possum, Angie has lived in Deliverance
County, Georgia all her life, where one in every three pickup trucks has a
gun rack and a bumper sticker that reads, "ride 'em hard, put 'em up wet,
and sqeal like a pig."  Scary, scary.  She has to carry her six-shooter with
her every time she goes out to feed the chickens and milk the cow.  Anybody
started taking any bets, yet?

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>I will gladly represent the Southeast.  I'm not sure if the Texans will
>claim Lynda or not...she was born in Chicago to Polish parents, and
>raised in backwoods nobody wants to take the blame for how
>she's turned out.
 > Angie

Consider her 'Claimed'!!

Becky Huffman, Tx

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