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RE: Sponging Clinic

	Hey!  I like this idea!!  Where can I place my order?  I'd like one
	black with a fake-fur trim...

Lynda Corry

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From: Vans Evers []
Sent: Monday, October 19, 1998 8:19 PM
To: Angela C. McGhee
Cc:; Corry, Lynda H.;
Subject: Re: Sponging Clinic

With the establishment of the sponging standard we should establish a
new industry for custom Spong Holsters.  Using velcro leg straps, the
ideal future holster would stay where positioned and facilitate the
deliver and recovery of the spong during high presure retreivals.  The
first wave of holsters would not be color coordinated with the riding
atire but as the new "industry" develops we would see clothing providers
creating Spong holsters color coordinated with the riding atire and the
saddle.  What posibilites. A spong retreival system simular to the
retractable dog leashes.

Good sponging..

/s/ Frank (Florida)

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