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Re: Sponge Throwing Champeenships

On Tue, 20 Oct 1998 02:16:51 EDT (connie B Berto) writes:
>In case of a tie, does the fastest horse through the water get the 
>most points, and is its time going to be clocked to a thousandth of a 

Absolutely not!  The horse must maintain forward motion (unless
drinking.)  If your horse continues to drink while sponged, that's just
another advantage.  Scoring will be on how many times the sponge hits the
water and is emptied on the horse while crossing said water.  For
instance, crossing the Big South Fork River a rider could possibly
accumulate quite a few points.  Granted, these aren't nearly as dramatic
as hitting a small mudhole on the edge of the trail at a
canter...everybody sponges crossing a river. Hitting several mudholes in
a series is also good form.

Lynda may have length of arms as an advantage...but remember...Kaboot & I
are closer to the ground...and I played Softball for 13 years (3rd
base..the arm) ...she's a marathon runner and bike rider...good for the
Tevis, but doesn't do much for your arm.


Angie McGhee & Kaboot
Wildwood, GA  

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