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[Fwd: fleece care]

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Just thought I'd pass on some info that will help you take care of your fleece garments for longer more effective wear.

In the Oct. 1998 issue of "Sew News" there is an article about fleece and its care. The following is an excerpt from the article....
"Launder fleece and pile fabrics inside out and seperately or with similar fabrics to avoid abrasion and pilling. Use lukewarm or cool water, a gentle cycle and a powder-not liquid-detergent; don't use bleach or softener.
Note: Liquid detergents and fabric softeners may alter the effectiveness of the chemical repellent treatments.
Shake and hang your fabrics to dry or tumble dry on a low temperature. Overdrying or high temperatures may cause shrinkage "

Just thought this might help,
Evelyn Hartman
Just for "Horsin-Round"

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