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Re: Tejon Ranch Endurance Race?????

>Hey Jim Mitchell and other Bakersfield and surrounding area endurance
>It seems there might be a chance to put together a ride at the ranch.
(Tejon Ranch)
>We were told that someone inquired and that the ranch considered it but
>further discussions did not take place.
>Sounded to me that there is a chance to put together a new ride.

     The local arab club and some other local endurance riders were going to
do that.  But then the fee that Tejon wanted made the ride financially too
expensive. At least that is what I was told. So Tejon was not recontacted by
that group.   We contacted Tejon regarding a donation of the facilities to
Girl Scouts so we could put on a ride with the proceeds to girl scouts.
Tejon presented it to their management? or whoever and they turned us down.
  So your welcome to try but I think they want too much for their
facilities.  As an example I believe you can buy the right to ride on a very
small portion of their ranch, about 10,000 acres of their total 100,000 plus
for a yearly fee of between $1000.00 and $2000.00         I got all the
literature on it a couple years ago but wasn't interested. I ride in the
adjoining forest for free.  Anyway I believe they place a pretty high price
on their land usage.

Jim mitchell

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