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Pawnee II Ride Results

Thank you to everyone who said nice things about the ride on Saturday!! 
We had a great time too.  It's always nice to have a party and have the
guests enjoy themselves!!  It makes the work a pleasure.  Here are the
ride results,  and congrats again to the hardy souls (riders, vets, and
volunteers) who braved the rotten weather and toughed it out in the true
spirit of the sport!  

The 50's:

7 Starters - 6 Finishers - 1 Pull (Rider Option)

Reported in order of finish:  

Rebecca Fine		BB Early Edition		6:41:11
Diana Zettlemoyer	Kappuccina				6:42:00
Ruth Duryea			Elmer Faheed			6:42:33
					 -sorry about the Elmer Fudd joke at 										awards, Ruth ;-)
Deb Anderson		Novah PR				6:42:45
Phil Olbert			Disposition (aka Mariah)6:42:48
Linda Fisher		LL Durango				7:19:00

Best Condition:

Novah PR

The 30's:

9 Starters - 3 Finishers - 1 metabolic pull, 3 lameness pulls, 2 rider
option pulls.	

Reported in order of finish:

Jas Shearer-McMahon		MV Moondancer
Christopher Allen		Nitro Express
Betty Wolgram			Come On Cotton

Best Condition (vet score only)

MV Moondancer

The 15 Mile Fun Ride

12 Starters - 12 Completions

Reported in no particular order:

Anne Stilson-Cope		Bennie
Susan Koontz			Diamond
Linell Miller			Ariel
Gary Inman				Andy
Cindy Soloway			CW Bezeneigha
Jane Carpenter			Grey Owl
Jackie McSherry			Mi Legasy
Ted McSherry			Buster
Stephanie Strube		Casey
Robin Blankenship		Smokey Knight
Matt Henry				Baski
Maggie Marston			Commanche

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