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Lost horse - found

Bob and Monika Steller's horse was found this morning by a couple of hunters.  The hunters saw the numerous posters, found Markoss, and immediately called to return him.  Markoss dropped about 60 pounds, but was well hydrated.  He is injured from the saddle.  The saddle had turned, but did not go all the way underneath due to the breastcollar.  The breastcollar caused a long, deep cut behind an elbow and was dripping pus.  He also has numerous other areas that need attention, but that cut is apparently the worst.  When Bob got the call, he trailered to Bobbi Richine's stable and rode another one of his endurance horses back to where Markoss was.  Since Bob did not know exactly where Markoss and the hunters were, he started hollering and whistleing for Markoss.  Markoss heard him and kept whinnying until Bob got to him.  A vet, who happened to be at Bobbi's stable, had given Bob some Bute and other items to help temporarily doctor Markoss.  Other people drove a trailer in as close as possible to get Markoss out. 
We are all so happy for Markoss' return.  Many people have been involved in this search and by now, we all feel a close relationship with this horse.  Like all horses, he is very special.
Happy ending.
Jan Mutchler
Littleton, CO

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