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round pens

I am writing for the land owner where I live, hope it is okay to ask this
on ridecamp but it will affect me, an endurance rider.  Does anyone out
there have input on what to put under a 60' round pen???   How should the
ground be prepared?  How much rock and what size?  Highway/landscape
cloth??  Sand? and how deep?  People who have done this and learned the
rights and wrongs please write.  I have lots of questions but we will do it
off the list.  The man to prepare the ground will arrive next week so I was
hoping I could get some more info from people who have set up round pens.
We live in Roseburg, OR which is SW Oregon and we have lots of rain so very
wet ground 6 to 7 months of the year.  Thanks.

Brez Gayland
Whispering Oaks Ranch
Southwest Oregon

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