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TEDDY I said,
> r. Stewart, 
> Those are harsh words to Carlos Crespo concerning the selection of WEG
> horses for I totally agree with him as to the finish line being the sole
> selector. The finish line parenthenically as been and always will be the
> selector as humans have historically failed miserably in trying to read
> how horses will perform on the day of the race. Horses have made LIAR'S 
> out of the best horsemen, handicappers,touts,veterinarians and
> jockeys(even Tom Ivers).I suppose we can put you in the veterinary
> group.One recent example is the defeat of Skip Away in the Gold Cup. Who
> knows when the starting gate opens????? No one knows or there would not
> be bookmakers.
> I am an ex-jockey, TB trainer,veterinarian (class "65)and I would be the
> last person to stand up to select a horse for competition based on any
> criteria other than past performances.If the horse can't pass a
> soundness exam prior to shipping that's different. To have a group of
> individuals whatever their expertise choose competitors by their
> physical appearance prior to shipping is to take a stand far above any
> knowledge or experience level existing on earth. I submit that these
> people make their names known to the Las Vegas group where they would be
> worth millions each year as handicapers. 
> I might add that where ever a horse finishes is "horse racing". The
> inequities in your group comes in not asigning numbers to the trails
> used, weights carried,and times of winners. If then the World race is
> going to be held over a flat trail more emphasis is applied to winners
> over flat trails and the same would apply over other trails.
> Again the weight minimum used by FEI is ludicrous. The minimun weight
> should be 185 or 190 in order to give natural heavyweights a chance even
> then they are at a great disadvantage unless the race is over a rocky
> course where weight doesn't take it toll.
> I made these same remarks when you all started these world games and
> FEI  and was just a three letter word.I might note that when the rules
> were mostly written that the ratio of LW to HW  was 1to 10 now FW have
> been added with the consequences that the ratio of FW,LW to HW is 20 to
> 1 or more.
> I conclude that you are antiquated and need to apologize to Carlos.
> Carl Meyer,D.V.M.
I don't know if this got posted,however there has to be some update
thinking on the FEI BOARD AS well as the WEG selection committee. It
seems that we have people on the Board that are not race oriented as
evidence by selection of mountain horses to race against desert trained

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