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Re: Sponging Clinic

Angie wrote:

>I actually had a sponge with an elastic strap about 1/2" wide for 
>awhile.   It was really fast for sponging while 
>standing in a creek.  If you got the strap the right length you could 
>get in more dips and sponges per minute with it than anything 
>else...boing, boing, 

LIz responded:

At a ride I saw a woman with a coiled plastic sponge cord.  She found it
marketed as a cross tie.  I though it *looked* neat, but didn't have a
chance to pass judgement on its effectiveness.  If it worked it could be
the secret weapon needed by those entering the sponge champeenship...

Looking ahead to the upcoming big event, I can't help but wonder if the
participants should be drug tested....  I, for one could probably sponge
yo-yo style much faster when under the influence of a hefty dose of
caffeine. :-)

Liz in Belchertown, Massachusetts 

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