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Sponging Clinic

	Angie, you're my oldest endurance friend and once of my best pals
and I agree with almost all of your advice on this sponging thing.  However,
from the one who taught you how to sponge "on the fly," I must say, your
choice of strings is nothing to write home to mom about.  Last time I used
your sponge with that piece of thread you have hanging from it, I spent more
time trying to keep the *%$#@ thing untangled each time I hauled the blasted
contraption out of the water.  Plus, there's no weight behind the throw!
Like trying to strike the batter out with a cotton ball!  I say, forget the
string.  Go to Wal-Mart and get a thin piece of ROPE, about as wide around
as a felt-tipped pen (a little wider than a pencil) and wrap it around that
sponge.  If you want to "sponge on the fly," the learning curve will be
quicker and there will be much less cussin' involved.

P.S. -- Nylon won't come untied if you apply a lighted match to both ends of
the rope and let it melt a little.

Lynda Corry
Champeen Wal-Mart Sponge-Slinger
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1998 22:43:23 -0400
From: (Angela C. McGhee)
Subject: Sponging Clinic
Message-ID: <>

O.K. all, I'm going to take you serious and give you all a lesson.

First:  The sponge is important.
Next: the string.  I like cotton string, nylon comes untied.  I buy mine
at K-Mart in a bag in housewares I think.  Bigger than yo-yo string, but
not as thick as round shoelaces.  Don't know how else to describe it...a
little fatter than spaghetti?

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