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Re: Easy boot - grip damage

Niccolai Murphy wrote:

> I've not seen too many comments about the damage on the aft region of
> the hoof wall caused by those metal grips in Easyboots. Anyone out
> there got a good fix?

First, you can bend down the metal clips to decrease the amount of "grab"
that thy have.  Secondly, you want to look and see if you have the old or
newer design of gripping teeth in your easy boots.  The old design
grabbed more and created more damage on our horses' feet than the newer.
We really bent them down quite a bit on a boot that otherwise fit
closely.  The old grip was one strip of larger "teeth".  The newer design
is slightly smaller teeth in two rows, one above the other.  We hardly
flatten these at all.

I suspect tha vet wrap just gets eaten up by the grippers.  Have you
tried silicon track bandage wrap?  Rubbery silicon that works like vet
wrap but is tougher.  I like to wrap bits with it, pad stirrups, etc.
Once it gets warm, it really sticks to itself and stays in place.  I'm
not sure where to purchase it by mail.  We always pick some up at the
Seminole Feed stores in Florida when we go down there.  (Race horse

Linda Flemmer

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