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Lost horse - Rocky Mountains

I have been asked by Bob and Monika Steller to post this message to ridecamp.  They have lost their gelding, Markoss, in the area west of Larkspur, Colorado, in the Pike National Forest.  He had on a saddle, hackamore, and hunter's orange.  He was lost last Saturday, October 10.  Bob and Monika had ridden out of Bobbi Richine's stable, and went up into the mountains.  The unfortunate happened, and Markoss is lost. 
Numerous people have searched for Markoss throughout the week.  Besides horseback searchers, there has been airplane search, helicopter search, and a professional tracker. 
There is a $1500 reward for Markoss' return.  He is a 10 year old Arab gelding, 4 white socks, white blaze.  There is a small dent over the left eye from an early age injury.  It is felt that someone may have caught him and may not know how to return him.  The surrounding area is starting to be saturated with posters.
Bob and Monika are asking their fellow horse lovers in the Rocky Mountain area to keep a watch for Markoss.  It is possible that, if someone has him, they may try to resell him.  They are desperate for his return.
Bob and Monika Steller can be reach at 303-660-3977.
Thank you.
Jan Mutchler
Littleton, CO

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