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Endurance or CTR prospect

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From: Amy 

  Standardbred mare 5 yrs old in Bridgton Maine needs a home ASAP due to be shipped tuesday
 15.1 very clean legs sound , bay, looks like a Morab, Arab type head, short back, well sprung ribs, good wither, not too broad, deep chest, well proportioned strong in shoulder and hip , good feet, sweet as they come in personality, she did the tour of the retirement homes to show off the "racehorse", not spooky, she has a level head, just can't get her to go in under 2 minutes. Owner wants $800 I can maybe get owner to hold on for a week if someone were really interested.
 Oh we laid across her back she was unconcerned and just nuzzled a leg.
If interested please e-mail me privately at

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