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Re: Trails Symposium

I e-mailed the Symposium office who in turn faxed me the list af attendees.
They have about 150 to date and about half are US Forest Service
representatives from around the country,  I am sure it will be informative.
We will hear ONE side of what is happening.  But, wherever I travel to ride
around this country, there are many concerns and problems.  I sure would
like to hear from the RIDERS at this symposium.

It is the usual problem:  if MORE people don't say what is needed/wanted, we
end up with what they give us..often NOT what we really need and want.  It
is only OUR fault if this happens.  This symposium is the opportunity to
express our concerns and needs.  With the attendance list is have, the cards
are stacked higher on the side of the US Forest service.  There is strength
in numbers.  We need MORE horsemen from a WIDER range of representation from
around the country.

I did send information on this Symposium to over 40 state horse councils.  I
note that most that I contacted not only did NOT respond, but are NOT
represented. Maybe this is why we are not listened to or taken seriously.


Betsy B Gilman wrote:

> Linda, I am going due to the generous people of ridecamp who paid my
> entry.  I will be staying at the Comfort Inn with Vickie Smith, another
> ridecamper. Other ridecampers that I know will be attending is Roger
> Rittenhouse and maybe ML Stockdale. There are others attending from
> various horse groups here in the Atlanta (SE region) as NATRC is sending
> a rep. as well as Ga. Endurance Riders.  I don't know if the S.E.
> Endurance Riders ever got a rep. to go.  Other horse trail groups are
> also sending reps- the Chattahoochee Trail Riders are sending 2 people
> (one a Forest Ranger) and the Ga. Horse Council will be there.  Looking
> forward to meeting you there.  Betsy Gilman  BBGILMANBB@JUNO.COM
> On Fri, 09 Oct 1998 18:35:47 -0400 Teddy Lancaster
> <> writes:
> >
> >
> >Linda B. Merims wrote:
> >
> >>
> >> The National Symposium on Horse Trails in Forest Ecosystems
> >conference at
> >> Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina does *NOT* start next
> >Monday.
> >> It runs from October 18 through October 21.
> >>
> >> I'm going.  Already registered and paid up.  I'm staying at the
> >James F. Martin
> >> Inn, right adjacent to the Madren Conference Center.
> >>
> >> Who else is going?
> >>
> >> Linda B. Merims
> >>
> >> Massachusetts, USA
> >
> >
> >Teddy (who IS going and staying with friends)
> >
> >
> >
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