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Re: Trails Symposium


I'm surprised.  Back when I was collecting pledges from ridecamp to
send Vickie Smith (Vermont) to this symposium it seemed like it was
going to be almost all horsepeople. There are several horsepeople 
attending from ridecamp (there was quite a list of Californians) and 
the invited USFS speakers are individuals who have successfully 
maintained horse access on the trails in their districts.  

I still have the expectation that the symposium will be positively
slanted towards horse access to trails.  It may seem like all USFS
people are out to remove horses from trails to you, but many western
states actually have good horse access in their national forests.
(WE do need to stay vigilant to ensure that this continues)  There
may be a USFS service person from Colorado attending who is also an
endurance rider. 

So,  While I am glad that you decided to attend this symposium
yourself, and I want you to bring up the problems in your area,
please do not color all USFS attendees as the enemy, and please
do not start hostilities (be prepared in case of them, but dont
start them.)   I had the definite impression that the symposium
was filling up in September - can folks still get in?     


> Well, I just got faxed the updated list of attendees at the Trails Symposium and the
> ONLY person coming from Virginia is the US Forest Service.  MANY states NOT
> represented.....MOSTLY US Forest Service...!!!!!
> Come on guys!!!! We are going to be outnumbered by the US Forest Service at their
> OWN seminar!!!!  We need to tell them what our needs and concerns are.  This is how
> policy gets set. Do you want THEM to set it WITHOUT our input?
> Teddy

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