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Re: Trails Symposium

I am not going to be hostile..I get out all my hostilities among my friends...bounce back
ideas/complaints (like here).  I have travelled extensively around the US with horses and
ridden in MANY Nat'l Forests/Parks so I am VERY aware of the many good things they have
done.  I just want to make it easier and fairer for all. I also want to have them include
US in their planning and know what OUR needs are.


Teresa Van Hove wrote:

> Teddy,
> I'm surprised.  Back when I was collecting pledges from ridecamp to
> send Vickie Smith (Vermont) to this symposium it seemed like it was
> going to be almost all horsepeople. There are several horsepeople
> attending from ridecamp (there was quite a list of Californians) and
> the invited USFS speakers are individuals who have successfully
> maintained horse access on the trails in their districts.
> I still have the expectation that the symposium will be positively
> slanted towards horse access to trails.  It may seem like all USFS
> people are out to remove horses from trails to you, but many western
> states actually have good horse access in their national forests.
> (WE do need to stay vigilant to ensure that this continues)  There
> may be a USFS service person from Colorado attending who is also an
> endurance rider.
> So,  While I am glad that you decided to attend this symposium
> yourself, and I want you to bring up the problems in your area,
> please do not color all USFS attendees as the enemy, and please
> do not start hostilities (be prepared in case of them, but dont
> start them.)   I had the definite impression that the symposium
> was filling up in September - can folks still get in?
> Teresa
> >
> > Well, I just got faxed the updated list of attendees at the Trails Symposium and the
> > ONLY person coming from Virginia is the US Forest Service.  MANY states NOT
> > represented.....MOSTLY US Forest Service...!!!!!
> >
> > Come on guys!!!! We are going to be outnumbered by the US Forest Service at their
> > OWN seminar!!!!  We need to tell them what our needs and concerns are.  This is how
> > policy gets set. Do you want THEM to set it WITHOUT our input?
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Teddy
> >
> >
> >

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