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Re: Tying up/carbocharge

> There are studies in progress as we write on this issue.
> One of my major decentors Susan G is hopefully working on this for her
> PhD. I hope others will take on formal studies.

For the record, I am not a major dissenter.  There's a difference
between being a non-believer and wanting to consider ALL the
facts/physiology before you buy stock in the company.

KER is planning some nifty studies this year in this area as well as Cal
Poly.  KER just obtained a group of arabs from Virginia Polytechnic that
they'll be conditioning into endurance condition so they have an
endurance research herd (I'm jealous), and so should be producing some
endurance-related research in the near future.

Kathy Crandell said to say hi from Japan, Land of the Falling Yen.

(and hi, Kathy, I know you're lurking, bad girl).

Susan G

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