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Bone bruises

I would really appreciate some information about the possible hazards of
competing with a bone bruise.  On the horse!

Done in pasture about 10 days ago on the side/front of fore cannon bone,
half way between fetlock and knee.  It is swollen and warm but not sore to
palpate and he has never been lame on it.  The accompanying surface
scratches already healed.

We did 12 miles last week-end with no change to it.  We are entered in a 35
mile CTR this week-end but I don't want to do anything to harm this guy. 
He is a new horse I have fattened up and conditioned all summer and we have
only been in 1 Ride.  This coming Ride is the last of the season here, so I
would like to go, but not at his expense!

I am checking with my vet today.  But I figure this list probably has more
practical experience in this instarce.

Alison Craig

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